Goodbye Summer (Letting Go)

Just a short post today because I came across this poem and it was just a perfect summary of how I feel put into some beautiful words.

It’s funny because I loved summer while it was happening; I was dreading the end of warm weather and long sunny weekends. But now that autumn’s here, I feel like I can finally take a pause, and I remember how much I love this time of year. The final harvest, feeling cosy again, and excited knowing the first snowfall is close.

I sit here now between seasons,
summer whispers “goodbye” through the breeze
the warmth of her sunlight now embedded in my heart
transitions can be hard, but it’s time for a new season to start
but I got used to bare feet on the ground
and to the stream of light that my eyes woke and found
tears pour from me
as I sit in the last spot of light
and mourn the warm days that I’m losing
but the world doesn’t stop turning
mother nature won’t wait until we give her permission to move on
it’s the ability to adapt that I’m still learning
and through my tears I did not see
that summer had let go of me
with a final kiss of warmth she passes me over
into the nurturing hands of autumn
and as I melt into her familiar embrace
I remember just how sweet change can taste.

Letting Go – Claire Stackhouse
From the Earth Pathways Diary

Featured photo – Sebastien Brule

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