Most of the things I write are never seen by anyone, but every now and again I publish the thoughts I deem worthy of my loyal followers.

Hi! I’m Hannah! I’m an adventurous nomadic adventurer searching for the meaning of life through adventuring. I just looooove travel, exploring new places, and blogging about it on Instagram! My life is literally amazing and you will get soooo jealous looking at this blog. Sucks to be you!
Have I done it right?

In all seriousness, I can barely tie my own shoelaces and I’m not quite sure how I came to be here.

Here are some really interesting things about me:

• I’m from England but I now live in BC, Canada
• I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my mum once mistook me for a “strange boy trying to sell something” as I walked up the garden path
• I like reading, snowboarding, animals, and ice cream
• I’m vegan… Kind of. Except for ice cream. And cheese. Okay I’m not vegan. But I like the idea of it
• I can juggle pretty well
• Earlier I picked a bit of rice out of my hair from dinner last night
• I do not, under any circumstances, allow yoghurt to be in the same room as me. Don’t even think about yoghurt around me. Stop it.
• I have some bad habits like biting my nails, not sharing my chocolate, and getting very aggressive in inappropriate situations about social inequality.
• I sometimes try to write stuff about my life but normally it ends up as complete nonsense. You’ll see.

That’s probably everything you need to know for now.